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Career Aptitude Test for High School Students: 13 Popular Assessment Tools

A career aptitude test for high school students is an assessment, typically in the form of a quiz, that students can take to determine an appropriate major or career. This Read More

Addressing Chronic Pain and Health Conditions

Addressing Chronic Pain and Health Conditions  for Improved Outcomes with Trauma, Depression, and Anxiety  By Gary Brothers, LCSW  Featured If you remember anything after reading this article, I hope it’s this: If you treat Read More

EMDR therapy may help with trauma and anxiety. What you need to know. Read More

Can EMDR Therapy Help Survivors of Natural Disasters? Read More

10 TIPS Using EMDR Therapy with Survivors of Sexual Assault and Intimate Partner Violence

By Viviana Urdaneta Melo, MDiv, LCSW Featured   Maria (24-year-old female) came to a community mental health center because she has been experiencing anxiety and nightmares and does not want to leave the Read More

EMDR Therapy Gains Celebrity Exposure

More celebrities are going public with their EMDR therapy journeys. Their stories are making a difference. It takes courage to speak out about difficulties with mental health in a culture that Read More

Viewing 1 - 6 out of 6 posts


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