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Family and divorce mediator in Glenview, Skokie & Chicago, IL


RC Counseling provides family and divorce mediation services for Glenview and Skokie residents seeking a resolution to their issues. Seong Cho-Ju, LCSW is a certified mediator who strives to find solutions for all parties involved in a dispute or communication issue. Trust our certified mediator to:

  • Identify and evaluate the problem at hand
  • Prompt a healthy dialogue between individuals
  • Teach effective communication skills for moving forward

This is done to create agreements that aid in the long terms needs of both the parents and the children. RC Counseling will help individuals move past anger and frustration and toward a positive solution. Choose an effective mediator to help with your family or divorce situation today.

Come to terms with your separation

Mediation is an effective choice for those going through a divorce. There are many different elements to consider when dissolving a marriage, and starting off on the right foot can make everything simpler for all parties involved. Come to RC Counseling for assistance with:

  • Child support and visitation schedules
  • Child living arrangements
  • Division of home, cars and other property
  • Spousal support
  • Retirement plans

Your divorce doesn't have to continue to cause you stress. Sort through all the details with help from our certified mediator here in Glenview, Illinois. Reach out to RC Counseling today to arrange for mediation services.


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