Career Counseling

RC Counseling provides in-person appointments in Glenview, and provides online services to Skokie, Northbrook, Chicago, and throughout Illinois

Do you need help deciding which path to take and what career to pursue?

We offer career assessments to help high schoolers and young adults find their careers based on their strengths, education, and interests.
In a career counseling session, the therapist assists clients in exploring their skills, strengths, education levels, interests, and personality types by administering career assessments and aptitude tests and giving advice about continuing education.

Career counseling can cover a range of topics. Here are some examples of what might be discussed:

- Which careers can benefit from specific skills and talents?
- Different careers require varying levels of educational commitment.
- Exploring the potential income that can be earned from different career paths.
- Opportunities for career progression or development and potential areas of growth or change within a specific profession.
- When considering a desired career, it is important to understand the required skills and education necessary to be successful in that field.


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